Join The Mania

What do basketball, being active, and earning 300 points toward gift cards at your favorite stores have in common? The March Mania Championship Steps Challenge! Get a team, track your steps and earn rewards in just three weeks.

The Gameplan

  1. Get the LiveLifeWell app

    If you already have the LiveLifeWell Jiff app, skip to Step 2. If you don’t have it, you need to download the Jiff app to your phone before you can sign up for March Mania. Click here to learn how to get the app.

  2. Register: February 20 – March 6

    From your Jiff app, go to your dashboard at the bottom of the home screen, and select “Progress” to find March Mania. Then, select “Enroll in the Challenge” which will prompt you to download the Challenges app. Once you have the app, select “Sign In” to get started, not “Activate Account.” Your login information is the same email and password you used to activate your Jiff app and account.

  3. Team Up

    In the Challenges app, you can create or join a 5-person team – or let the app assign you to a team. The deadline to join is March 6 – and your spouse can play too! Just by joining a team, you’ll earn 100 points in the LiveLifeWell app – but don’t stop there!

  4. Shoot for 5,000 Steps Per Day

    Starting March 13, you and your teammates will progress through the three-week Challenge by aiming for 25,000 steps per day as a team. Encourage each teammate to walk or run at least 5,000 steps per day to keep your winning pace.

  5. Hoist the Hardware​

    Complete the Challenge by advancing through all six rounds by April 2. The steps will add up! Every team who makes it through all six rounds will earn 200 points for each teammate.


If you have questions about how to get a tracker, link a tracker or app, or enroll in the Challenge, contact Jiff via phone or email:

  • Phone: (844) 711-7113​​ 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST
  • Email:

Have a Fitness Tracker?

Devices such as a Fitbit or Jawbone make tracking steps easier by automatically recording your progress when you sync it to your app. If you haven’t yet completed the Health Assessment, you still have time and you’ll earn $100 credit toward a tracker in the Jiff store.