Wander The Wonders

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As the famed naturalist John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” Wander the Wonders is your chance to explore never-before-seen places as you see all 8 wonders. All you need are your shoes, your phone, and your sights set on the 300 points you’ll earn!

  1. Get the LiveLifeWell app

    Already have it? Skip to step 2. If not, you need to first download the app to get started. Click here to learn how.

  2. Register: July 10 – July 24

    From your Jiff app, go to your dashboard at the bottom of the home screen and select “Progress” to find Wander the Wonders. Then, select “Start"​ which will prompt you to download the Challenges app. Once you have the app, select “Sign In” to get started. Your login information is the same email and password you used to activate your Jiff app and account.

  3. Link Your Tracker

    You’ve already earned 100 points! But don’t stop now. If you have a fitness tracker, make sure it’s linked to the Jiff app by July 24. If you completed the Health Assessment, you can use your $100 credit in the Jiff Store on your LiveLifeWell app to purchase a tracker or other fitness device. Make sure you use your credit before it expires September 30!

  4. Shoot For 7,000 Steps Per Day

    Starting July 31, strive to take 7,000 steps each day so you can reach all 8 wonders. You might be surprised at where those feet will take you!

  5. Witness Every Wonder

    Complete the Challenge by reaching all 8 wonders by August 21. To celebrate your achievement, you’ll earn 200 points toward rewards! ​


If you have questions about how to get a tracker, link a tracker or app, or enroll in the Challenge, contact Jiff via email:



If you haven’t used your $100 credit for completing the Health Assessment, make sure you do by September 30. Any unused balance will be forfeited on October 1. If you have not yet completed the Health Assessment, you have until August 31 so don’t wait!

Wander the Wonders Handout​​