Children With Special Needs


Education Survival Kit

(1-hour webinar)

Discover the range of services provided by schools to help all children succeed. Gain understanding of common terminology and your Bright Horizons® Special Needs benefit.

Supporting Your Teen or Tween with Autism

(1-hour webinar)

The world is filled with expectations based on neurotypical behaviors. That can be challenging, and even overwhelming, for teens with autism or other neurodevelopmental conditions, who take in, process, and respond to information a little differently. This webinar will cover how to help your child understand and manage the physical and emotional changes brought on by adolescence, coping strategies, tips and more.

Understanding and Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

(1-hour webinar)

The social, academic, and extracurricular pressure on so many of our kids today seems like it’s at an all-time high. Learn what behaviors to look for in your child and how to help get them the support they need.

Using Positive Discipline to Reduce Challenging Behaviors

(1-hour webinar)

Positive discipline can help both you and your child overcome challenging behaviors with less frustration. Learn how this method can also help you create a strong bond with your child and increase the trust in your relationship.

Siblings of Children with Disabilities

(1-hour webinar)

Siblings play an important role in one another’s life, and living with a sibling who has a disability often leads to unique joys and unique challenges. This webinar will focus on what siblings want and need based on research, lived experiences, and personal observations. Hear from a panel of siblings who share their experiences, providing real-life insights about the issues siblings face.

Teen Stress

(1-hour webinar)

Learn from an expert on adolescent psychology the current thinking on typical causes of chronic stress or trauma, its effects and helpful responses when your teen is struggling.

Advocacy Strategies and Your Child’s IEP

(1-hour webinar)

Whether you are new to special education or an experienced parent of a child with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), there are likely to be challenges ahead. In this webinar, gain advocacy strategies and tools, understand how to assess your child’s progress, learn how to be an effective advocate and more.

Bullying and Cyber-bullying Basics

(1-hour webinar)

According to recent studies, around 1 in every 4 children are bullied in school by the age of 18 – and over half of teens admit to being bullied online. Sadly, most of these kids never tell an adult. The good news is there is still much parents and other adults can do stop bullying in its tracks. Learn how you can prevent your child to becoming a part of this heartbreaking epidemic.

Supporting Your Child with Learning Disabilities

(1-hour webinar)

Many children with learning difficulties experience daily struggles in school that put them at greater risk for having a negative self-concept or low self-esteem. This webinar will help you understand what learning strategies and positive reinforcement your child needs to help them be successful, with a focus on helping your child build confidence as they acquire new skills.

Stress Management: Practical Strategies for You and Your Kids

(1-hour webinar)

Juggling a job and a family is tough. Register for this webinar to learn what you can do to take some of the pressure off and restore your good humor and good will.

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