Earn Points

How Castlight Works

Our Castlight program is designed to make it simple and easy for you to earn rewards. Many of the activities you already do today are worth points, redeemable for gift cards and sweepstakes entries for larger prizes.

But first, make sure you’ve linked a fitness tracker (e.g., Fitbit, Apple Watch) to your account. For most of the points-eligible activities, you don’t have to enter any information manually so long as your tracker is linked. Simply access your Castlight account for the latest list of compatible trackers and how to link your device. If you have trouble or questions, contact Castlight Support at 844-711-7113. 


Castlight offers a wide variety of points-eligible activities so you can pick what fits your lifestyle or try something new. From the basics like tracking steps and food to fun fitness challenges and specialized programs, there’s something for everyone.

Use your Castlight account to explore what’s available and the assigned point values for each.


Once you’ve started to accumulate points, you can begin redeeming them using your Castlight account. For every 250 points, pick a $25 gift card (up to $225) from a variety of popular retailers or use them toward sweepstakes prizes!

Visit the Reward Center in your Castlight account for a full list of the rewards available to you and any eligibility requirements and/or restrictions. Sweepstakes winners will be drawn and new rewards will be added on a quarterly basis. All points expire December 31, 2022.


When you elect to remove yourself, your spouse or domestic partner from Abbott medical coverage, make sure to redeem any points first. Your account will be deactivated within two weeks of submitting the change and you will not be able to redeem Castlight points once the account has been deactivated.

Tax Note: Any gift cards or other rewards you receive through your Castlight account are taxable income, subject to withholding. This will appear on your paycheck if any rewards are received.


If you have questions about Castlight, how to create an account or how to access Castlight online, visit the Get Castlight page.