Kurbo Health Coaching
Improve Your Health with a Personal Coach

Kurbo is a free health coaching program to help your whole family eat healthier, move more and feel great. Work with a Kurbo health coach to achieve your individual wellness goals, wherever you are on your journey. 

Learn more about Kurbo below and how you can start working toward better physical health. 

Kurbo Webinar: Keeping Your Family Healthy at Home

Watch this webinar recording to learn tips and inspiration to set your family up for success, including stocking your fridge and pantry, snacking support and how to get the kids involved in cooking.

How it works

Kurbo is a 3-month health coaching program for adults, kids and teens. Based on more than 30 years of research, Kurbo uses a traffic light food classification system licensed from Stanford University. Using behavior modification tools, your health coach will help you make healthier choices around food and exercise.  

Here’s how Kurbo helps members build healthy habits for life:

  • You pick what you eat: Kurbo just makes it easier with the traffic light system. You’ll mix green, yellow and red light foods for a healthier balance. 
  • Your coach really gets you: Kurbo coaches are trained experts. Yours will meet you where you are, helping you build the skills needed to succeed. All it takes is a 15-minute meeting with your coach each week via Zoom!
  • See your progress in the app: Reach your activity goals, breathe away stress and chat with your coach…all from your phone.


You need a Castlight account in order to enroll in Kurbo. Don’t have one yet? Visit the Get Castlight page to learn how. 

Then, earn points for taking certain actions and talking with a Coach once you or your kids enroll in the program.


Start building healthy habits early with the help of Kurbo’s certified coaches.

Kurbo believes in wellness for the entire family because healthy habits are more sustainable when everyone is on board. The traffic light system is one of the most effective and well-researched tools for helping kids, teens, and their families learn healthy eating habits. Kurbo coaches are trained to work with kids and teens as well as provide support to parents. 

Check out how Kurbo Health Coaching set Kaylee and Gavin up for successful futures.


There is no cost for you, your covered spouse/domestic partner or your children to participate. Your Kurbo Health Coaching program is personalized and your results are completely private. Kurbo will keep your individual information confidential. Abbott will only be provided with group aggregate reporting to understand how participants are using the program and improving.​ Abbott never sees individual r​esults.​​


All U.S. Abbott employees and covered spouses/domestic partners are eligible to participate and earn rewards. ​Plus, you can enroll your children between 5 and 26 years old. 


Visit mycastlight.com/login to log in or open the Castlight app on your phone. 


If you have any questions, contact Kurbo at info@kurbo.com​ or call