Build Resilience with meQuilibrium

Being healthy is more than simply eating well and hitting the gym. It also has to do with your emotional wellbeing. Resilience is what helps you stay focused when faced with adversity, calm in stressful situations, confident and more. To help you boost your resilience, meQuilibrium is a free personalized program available to Abbott employees and their spouse/domestic partner via your Castlight account

The program is designed to fit your busy lifestyle by offering activities and resources that take as little as a few minutes to complete. To give you that extra incentive to get started, you’ll earn points in your Castlight for completing certain activities.

Check out these videos to learn more about meQ:


The only way to access everything meQuilibrium offers, simply called meQ, is through your Castlight account. Don’t have one? Visit the Castlight page to learn how to get started. 


After you create an account with meQ, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources available. In order to receive the most tailored support, you’ll first want to complete the Stress Assessment to get your personalized stress profile. This will help you see what gives you energy and what drains you of it. 

Other Program Benefits

  • Use meQ to track your mood and gain awareness of how you’re feeling.
  • Try one of more than 50 activities designed to make you feel less frazzled, more calm, less panicked and more in control.
  • Read the weekly newsletter, a Cup of Calm, with expert advice and tips for putting the principles of resilience into place.
  • Watch a Calm-Cast webcast to connect with meQuilibrium’s experts.


There is no cost for you or your covered spouse/domestic partner to participate, if eligible. Your meQuilibrium program is personalized and your results are completely private. meQuilibrium will keep your individual information confidential. Abbott never sees individual results.


All U.S. Abbott employees and covered spouses/domestic partners are eligible to participate and earn rewards. 


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