Walk With Friends

Join the New Castlight Step Challenge

Walk with Friends is the new social step challenge in Castlight. You still earn points toward rewards for tracking your steps, but progress faster when you walk with others. See how you can get in on the action and even enter to win a $500 Visa gift card!


See who won a $500 Visa gift card and keep an eye out for future step challenges through Castlight.

  • Diana Antlitz
  • Jessica Balk
  • Cortlin Harris
  • Emma Martinez
  • Aaron Moon
  • Ross Pierson
  • Aidee Reza De Lopez De Nava
  • Erica Rice
  • Nathan Risteen
  • Krishna Singhal


  • Join Jan. 20-31 – Earn 250 points when you join through your Castlight account. Don’t have Castlight? Visit the Get Castlight page for details.
  • Link a Tracker – If you have a fitness tracker, such as a FitBit or Apple HealthKit, link it to your Castlight account for automatic tracking.
  • Track Your Steps Feb. 1-29 – Complete challenge activities and track your steps to progress through the 20 levels. Make sure you sign in to your Castlight account daily to sync your steps.
  • Tag Your Friends – You’ll reach levels faster when you tag coworkers, friends, family and pets on your walks.
  • Enter the $500 Visa gift card raffle – At the end of the challenge, five winners will be picked from everyone who reaches at least level 5 and five more winners will be picked from those reaching level 15 or above. Entry into the drawings is automatic if you reach the level thresholds.


A unique aspect of this challenge is the ability to propel yourself or others forward based on certain actions. When you complete different challenge activities or tag others on your walks, you earn gems which allow you to unlock new levels. Separately, boosts double a player’s steps for the following day and you gift them to others. Ultimately, the goal is to be active together and have fun along the way.


While you can log walks you take with any person, your friends and family cannot participate. Only Abbott employees and their covered spouse/partner may join.

Tax Note: Any gift cards or other rewards you receive through your Castlight account are taxable income, subject to withholding. This will appear on your paycheck if any rewards are received.


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