Wellness Assessment

Evaluate Your Health Habits

The Wellness Assessment is your opportunity to save on medical contributions, earn points and learn more about your health.

    When you complete the Wellness Assessment in Castlight before November 30, 2020:
  • Save $300 on 2021 medical contributions
  • Earn 250 points toward rewards in 2020

If your covered spouse/domestic partner also completes the Wellness Assessment before November 30, 2020, you'll save a total of $600 in 2021!

To complete the assessment, sign in to Castlight and go to Benefits > Wellness Assessment.  


  1. Plan to spend about 20-30 minutes completing the assessment.
  2. Answer the questions about your overall health, emotions, habits and life
  3. Have the following health numbers ready: blood glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, weight and waist circumference.
    • Already have health numbers? You can self-report those numbers from a recent doctor visit.
    • Getting new health numbers? If you already signed up for a free health screening through Quest but haven’t completed it yet, don’t worry. Answer the questions with “Not Sure” for now. You must go back into your Castlight account and access the Wellness Assessment – after completing your health screening – to have your numbers update to your Wellness Assessment score.
    • You can also complete the Wellness Assessment without numbers, but your results won’t show the most accurate picture of your well-being.
  4. Watch for your rewards
    • Your 250 points will show in your Castlight account within minutes.
    • Your premium reduction on your paychecks will begin in January 2021.


All employees and covered spouses/domestic partners are eligible to complete the Wellness Assessment and earn rewards. 


Newly hired employees and their spouses/domestic partners are eligible to complete the Wellness Assessment. However, you may need to wait to register for 4-5 weeks from your date of hire so Castlight can receive your eligibility. 


All of the information in your Castlight account is completely confidential. Abbott will not have access to your personal health information. One of the reasons Abbott partners with Castlight, an independent company, is to help you feel confident personal results will not be reported to Abbott.


If you have questions about Castlight, how to create an account or how to access Castlight online, visit the Get Castlight page.